Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A spontaneous drive out to Echo Point (Morton) last night, with my good mate Andre de Borde (curator, artist, owner of Gallery Ecosse and Bundy local), unearthed a range of mammals with the help of his 4WD's high beams: Red-necked Wallaby (terrific to find this species again; I saw one fleetingly back in 2009), Common Wombat, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Common Brushtail Possum and Black (Swamp) Wallaby (there were four of these). Some sort of microbat was clicking in the gloom off Echo Point. Boobook Owls were very vocal at Echo Point and near Gambells Rest. LJ, October 22 2013.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


A Little Grassbird, calling from the densely vegetated periphery of the large dam by Shangri La Road yesterday afternoon, now brings my ever-expanding Bundanoon bird list to 158. This secretive, drab-coloured bird makes a distinct, drawn out, three-note whistle, alerting the keen birder to its presence. A marshy area by a string of ponds in East Bowral is the only other place I've found this species in the Southern Highlands. So, the question remains - can I make it to 200 species? Absolutely. You bet. Of course. Here's a list of 40 birds that may well appear one day: Painted Snipe, Banded Lapwing, Red-kneed Dotterel, Australian Shelduck, Freckled Duck, Plumed Whistling-duck, Wandering Whistling-duck, Little Bittern, Brown Bittern, Black Bittern, Australian Pelican, Australian Spotted Crake, Baillon's Crake, Spotless Crake, Lewin's Rail, Brown Quail, Stubble Quail, King Quail, Red-chested Button-quail (apparently one was seen fleetingly in a garden on Church St several years ago), Pacific Baza, Swamp Harrier, Spotted Harrier, Black Falcon (my mate Marty thought he saw one a week back flying high over his place; we've both seen one recently at Moss Vale), Black Kite, Whistling Kite, Barking Owl, White-throated Nightjar, Emerald Dove, Bar-shouldered Dove, Common Bronzewing, Brush Bronzewing, Topknot Pigeon, Musk Lorikeet, Red-rumped Parrot, Pallid Cuckoo, Spotted Quail-thrush, White-winged Triller, Painted Honeyeater, Rufous Songlark and White-winged Chough. Fingers crossed. LJ, 13.10.13.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Off to Peter Lach-Newinsky's tonight for a convivium with Bundanoon locals. Should be great. I'm talking about Aussie birds and birding in Bundy. I hope the guests get into it and I don't bore them to tears. It's all about knowing when to stop, methinks. I don't want them thinking they had a night in with Rain Man! LJ, October 1 2013.