Sunday, December 29, 2013



Windy conditions enticed four Wedge-tailed Eagles into the cool air above the paddocks and wooded ridge beyond Ellsmore Rd early this morning. I sat above a culvert on Birchwood Drive and watched them soar, dive, arc, spiral and do sections of a pot-hook display (diving and rising quickly). One bird, when harassed by another, rolled and parried (ie. it flipped upside down and faced its opponent with outstretched talons). I watched all this for twenty minutes. A grand way to start the day. LJ, 29 December 2013.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Jenny Shepherd emailed to say she recently had a Blue-faced Honeyeater in her yard. A great Bundanoon record. I'd say Blue-faced Honeyeaters are rare, even accidental, visitors to the Southern Highlands. Wish I'd seen it. They're one of the most striking honeyeaters found in NSW. LJ, December 24 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013


Little Lorikeet (a pair rocketing through the sky, heading to the south-east), White-throated Needletails (3 birds quite low at home; I love their fluttery flight interspersed with glides on long, sickle-like wings) and an Australian Owlet-nightjar (the bird's distinct single note heard just once). Nice one. LJ, December 13 2013.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


A strident, repeated buzzing close to home caught my attention early Saturday morning. At first, I thought it was a White-winged Triller. I went on to the Birds in Backyards website and downloaded a Triller's call. It wasn't that - this call had no musicality whatsoever. The other bird that sprang to mind was a Cicadabird. I headed over to Graeme Chapman's website, which incorporates an extensive database of Aussie bird calls, and listened to the first recording he had a of a Cicadabird. Bang. That was it. Really, I should know the difference without having to consult databases - this isn't far north-west WA! Birds can still test you, no matter how experienced you are. I haven't seen a Cicadabird for many, many years. I can't actually recall the last time I saw one. Unfortunately, I didn't have any time to chase the bird, as I was off to Canberra for the day. That's bird 161 for town. LJ, December 1 2013.