Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Down the southern end of Bundanoon this morning... happened to see a Spotted Pardalote fly out from an old wombat burrow... it must be nesting there... a first... saw another SP nest in a sandy roadside embankment... LJ, September 23 2014.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


2 Indian Mynahs were in Bundanoon's main drag yesterday. That's a first. Not happy, Jan. I hope they soon meet an unfortunate end. I could also say that for the European Starlings that seem to be growing in numbers here and there. If these birds make life more difficult for our natives, they should be eradicated. I guarantee these Indian Mynahs will compete for nest space and territory with the Welcome Swallows that nest above some of our shopfronts. LJ, September 18 2014.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Bullio lies at the western edge of the Southern Highlands. It's roughly 45 minutes away from Bundanoon by car and not far away from Wombeyan Caves. The country is drier than Bundanoon and characterised by steep, dramatic, rugged terrain. My mate Marty Filipczyk came across some terrific birds on a private property out there yesterday: Emu, Hooded Robin, Brown Treecreeper, Speckled Warbler and Jacky Winter. None of these have turned up for me in Bundanoon (emus probably won't). Hooded Robins are always a treat. LJ, September 9 2014.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


A Collared Sparrowhawk darting twice into a large, high-flying flock of European Starlings was an unexpected spectacle this morning over Shangri la Rd. Something I've never witnessed before. Nature doco stuff. The raptor was unsuccessful in its attempts to kill. It flew off to the forested hills looking over Paddys River. LJ, September 6 2014.


Rainbow Lorikeets are one of Australia's most iconic, raucous, anarchic and magnificent birds. Common in Sydney and on the coast, they are infrequently seen in the Southern Highlands. I'd see them, maybe, once a month in Bundanoon. Or less than that. There's always 2 or 3 birds, shooting east to west or west to east. This morning, 2 birds were sitting in my crab apple. Quite a surprise. They came down to me as I approached them, almost taking some fruit and nut from my hand. Spooked at the last minute, they dashed away. LJ, September 6 2014.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Here are some of the most stunning natural spots I've visited in Australia: Uluru (NT), The Olgas (NT), West MacDonnell Ranges (NT), Mica Creek (QLD), Bladensberg National Park (QLD), Kakadu National Park (NT), Holmes Jungle (NT), Border Ranges National Park (NSW), Normanby Island (QLD), Cape Tribulation (QLD), Mt Warning (NSW), Mt Lewis (QLD), Cradle Mountain (TAS), Freycinet National Park (TAS), Lake Gregory (WA), Mt Wilson (NSW), Nombinnie Nature Reserve (NSW), Jervis Bay (NSW), Booderee National Park (ACT), Monga National Park (NSW), Lake Hart (SA), Island Lagoon (SA), The Twelve Apostles (VIC), Mt Buffalo (VIC), Mt Kosciuszko (NSW), Painted Desert (SA), Sturt National Park (NSW), Cape Leeuwin (WA) and Margaret River (WA). LJ, the first day of spring, 2014.