Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The local Pied Currawongs, Australian Magpie-larks and Australian Magpies were less than impressed with a Grey Goshawk darting from tree to tree late yesterday afternoon, close to home. They all took turns harassing the raptor, which probably posed no threat. The Goshawk's plumage perfectly matched the storm-wrapped sky.

LJ, November 30 2011.

Monday, November 28, 2011


What tremendous weather at 6:30 this morning. Not a cloud, anywhere, as I hung out the weekend's washing. Just stillness, punctuated by the odd burble and fluting of Pied Currawongs and Australian Magpies. Mild, tranquil mornings like these are uncommon in Bundanoon. They are a tonic when they come.

I wanted to take a day off (even though I treasure my teaching job in south-west Sydney) and wander down to Bonnie View and chill there all day. To just sit or lie down and watch the sky and valley. To see what the land wants from me. To learn from it. To return home, restored.

LJ, november 28 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011


A week later. The young Tawny Frogmouth is fine. Its parents have been looking after it at night. No cat has had a go at it.

My neighbour called the Kangaroo Valley branch of WIRES about the bird. They said they couldn't take it due to lack of money. How sad. To one day live in a world where not-for-profit animal charities received more money from governments than they do.

LJ, November 21 2011.

Monday, November 14, 2011


A neighbour called me early Saturday evening saying he had a young Boobook Owl in his backyard.

I headed over immediately with my son, finding a juvenile Tawny Frogmouth, which, I guess, are moderately common in Bundanoon (I've seen a family in the gums lining Gullies Rd). The Frogmouth was sitting on the ground - it had been squatting there all day, wide-eyed. My neighbour was concerned a local cat that has a particular enthusiasm for injuring birds, might maul it.

The Frogmouth appeared to be uninjured. I touched its delicate, mottled grey tail and got it flying a bit. We considered calling the local WIRES workers (bless 'em), but gave the bird the night to work itself out.

When my boy and I were crouching by the Frogmouth, it opened its yellowish mouth as wide as possible and let out a low hiss.

I wonder whether the night was congenial to the bird.

LJ, November 14 2011.