Thursday, February 11, 2016


My debut poetry collection, Morton, is soon to be released by acclaimed Sydney publishers Pitt Street Poetry (who have also published work by esteemed writers such as Peter Goldsworthy, Luke Davies and John Foulcher). There will be a launch in the Southern Highlands. The 12 poems in Morton celebrate many aspects of the national park I love so much. A lot of places, creatures and people are brought to life within its pages. It also features photographs I've taken in various Morton locales. I'm proud of the work and I love what PSP's team have done with my pamphlet graphically. It looks tremendous. Stay tuned for more details... LJ, Feb 11 2016.


A belated happy new year to one an all. It's been a while between drinks! I've not been in the field that often of late so not a lot to report. The schizophrenic Bundanoon weather has been a drag. So much rain and wind and mist and coolth. I do wish we'd had a constantly hot and still summer. I was on Efete in Vanuatu for 8 days in January. A glorious place (though a place of struggle and hardship and confusion and restlessness). I miss it. A swift fan, I adored watching and identifying swifts and swiftlets most afternoons I was there. Glossy Swiftlets, flying very low over a clearing on the edge of a forested range near Mele Cascades, particularly impressed me (though Uniform Swiftlets are cool!). I wish we had these birds in Australia. Anyhow, I'll try to post more regularly on WB this year. LJ, February 11 2016.