Thursday, January 27, 2011


Geez, I'm sick of seeing dead wombats on the Exeter-side of Bundanoon, just near the grand, stone 'Bundanoon' sign. It's not exactly a great advertisement for the town, is it? VISIT BUNDANOON - HOME OF GORGEOUS GULLIES, PRISTINE WATER AND DEAD WOMBATS. We've all got to slow right down (hum along at 50 km) and be a lot more vigilant when entering town.

LJ, January 27 2011.


  1. Given that it is an 80kph speed limit going to a 60kph speed limit you would be better off to take up your crusade with the RTA than the law abiding folks of Bundanoon. But I guess that's what blow-ins do - want to change the world using their mould.

  2. Anonymous,

    Feel free to leave a name.

    I have no doubt that 95% of Bundanoon's townsfolk watch their speed - it's the other 5% I'm worried about. I would very much like our wombats' world to change.

    LJ (The Blow-in).