Thursday, April 14, 2011


Strolling home from the bakery and chemist with my son and my spaniel, on a breezy, warm, clear school holiday (yahoo) morning, I was thinking of White-bellied Sea-eagles, as bird nerds do. I considered whether a White-bellied Sea-eagle could appear in Bundanoon. I dismissed the idea due to our inland location and the lack of extensive nearby waterways.

Two minutes later, I gazed into the wide cyan sky to the east of Penrose Rd and... unbelievably... a distant Sea-eagle appeared! I was completely floored.

At first, I had a fleeting view, as a row of pines soon obscured the raptor. I wondered whether it was a Pacific Heron (old skool terminology). Luckily, it came into view once again and I could easily pick up the distinctive V-shaped wings and soaring flight, as well as whites and greys, without binoculars. This WBSE is another new bird for my Bundy list. I've seen WBSEs at Wingecarribee Reservoir and over Chevalier College in years gone by.

Is there any connection at all between the conscious mind and what nature brings us? Can we push away coincidence and reach for something else? I'd love to think so.

LJ, April 14 2011.

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