Sunday, June 5, 2011


1. It's winter. May there be snow. In July. Perhaps when the day wants anything but predictability.

2. I approached Fairy Bower Falls from a different access point this morning. The world enveloping this path to the Falls was ringing with water. Each boulder passed seemed an event (I'm such a sucker for boulders, particularly those wearing feathery moss; I'd love to see the birth of one). The terrain seems inviting for Greater, and maybe Yellow-belled, Gliders.

3. Is there much more satisfying than cleaving wood cleanly with a new axe?

4. Woodsmoke from our chimney often blurs into one with open galaxy.

5. There were Brown-headed Honeyeaters down at Gambells Rest today. I love their weird grating/mechanical calls. The call lies somewhere between a woodswallow's and a cicada's. No other bird around here sounds like them.

6. Our imported trees have become skeletons; our natives are grand survival totems.

7. The Origma is still an enigma.

8. I now greet my car (circa 6:30am, when work-bound) whilst holding a kettle filled with warm water and the look of a man who only wants to dance with the dawn.

9. Forget arrows of desire and chariots of fire... bring me my one-hundred and twentieth bird for Bundanoon!

LJ, June 5 2011

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