Sunday, August 7, 2011


One crowded hour of birding from 4:30 to 5:30pm produced the following...

2 White-eared Honeyeaters at swamp by Ferndale Reserve (I was clapping my hands in case of flushing a rail or a quail - instead I brought these two out of the brush - unexpected and thrilling - with each of my claps the birds came closer - another newie for my list).

1 Brown Goshawk by railway tracks near Shangri-la Road (the raptor startled, then pursued, a Crested Pigeon - not sure of outcome as chase continued through blur of eucalypts).

2 Musk Duck on dam by Shangri-la Rd.

1 Cattle Egret in paddock by Shangri-la dam.

1 Little Wattlebird (heard in scrub east of Penrose Rd and Shangri-la Rd intersection; another newie!).

An Australian Magpie with a hell of a lot of white on its back (race tyrannica from South Australia and Victoria?) feeding on lowlands adjacent to Birchwood Drive.

12 Grey Teal on sewage works near Ferndale Reserve.

LJ, August 7 2011.

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