Monday, November 14, 2011


A neighbour called me early Saturday evening saying he had a young Boobook Owl in his backyard.

I headed over immediately with my son, finding a juvenile Tawny Frogmouth, which, I guess, are moderately common in Bundanoon (I've seen a family in the gums lining Gullies Rd). The Frogmouth was sitting on the ground - it had been squatting there all day, wide-eyed. My neighbour was concerned a local cat that has a particular enthusiasm for injuring birds, might maul it.

The Frogmouth appeared to be uninjured. I touched its delicate, mottled grey tail and got it flying a bit. We considered calling the local WIRES workers (bless 'em), but gave the bird the night to work itself out.

When my boy and I were crouching by the Frogmouth, it opened its yellowish mouth as wide as possible and let out a low hiss.

I wonder whether the night was congenial to the bird.

LJ, November 14 2011.

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