Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I usually steer away from politics on this blog site. Not today. No way. I'm completely unimpressed by Barry O'Farrell's call to let recreational shooters into NSW national parks, nature reserves and state conservation areas (notice the words reserves and conservation there). Potentially, Morton National Park is one of them. It's on the list. OUR Morton National Park. The Morton that is our backbone, our lungs, even our identity. The Morton with its immortal gullies, mentioned so often in Bundanoon's literature. Who's going to police these shooters when they're prowling through Morton NP? Who can guarantee rare or endangered wildlife in Morton isn't harmed? Who can be sure bushwalkers, picnicking families etc aren't harmed? How will I know when it is safe to enter Morton to go birding? How can visitors to the park know they're safe? This is a bloody joke. I'm sure the hunters will bring pig dogs with them. Who's going to stop one of these dogs attacking vulnerable species like Superb Lyrebirds and Black Wallabies? There better be a bloody huge sign at the entrance to Gambells Rest telling all of us that shooting is happening. This better be thought through, monitored, dealt with sensibly, by those 'in charge'. Our NPWS rangers are up in arms about this. Not surprisingly. Thanks, Backwoods Barry, for returning us to the Dark Ages. LJ, June 5 2012 PS - 'Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.' James A. Froude.


  1. I agree entirely, Lorne
    I have written several Blog posts on this topic too ("The Nature of Robertson")
    I am not logged in, just now, from Sydney.
    Morton NP is so huge and with so many access points, and such decentralised media, it is virtually impossible to "contact" all "locals" - from Goulburn, Bundanoon, Robertson, Kangaroo Valley, and Nowra and Braidwood.
    Plus the Main Road 92 and the Moss Vale - Nowra Road are both major arterial roads, and both run through the Morton NP.
    Keep up telling everybody about this.
    Best Wishes, Denis Wilson

    "The Nature of Robertson">
    (I am not logged in at present)

  2. Good on you, Denis. I appreciate the support.

    Yes, the sheer enormity of Morton NP is a factor. So many access points, such rough terrain, many sections that are almost inaccessible; this will make it so easy for shooters to do what they want, without interference from locals, concerned greenies, rangers etc. I doubt NPWS rangers will have any authority at all, even if they want to address hunters who may be blasting wombats or roos or lyrebirds or wallabies (inc. Brush-footed, which is endangered in NSW). If it's signed in blood in parliament, then our many of our animals are doomed. This may all sound sensational, but hey, this is reality. At the end of the day, I don't have a lot of time for ferals, particularly foxes and cats, because they really do feast on our native creatures. But letting hunters (even 12 yr old boys with bowie knives, hunting independently!)
    in to NPs isn't the solution.