Monday, August 6, 2012


My boy and I, on Saturday, came across a lyrebird's nest, that was either abandoned or under construction, on an exposed rock shelf at Grand Canyon Lookout. It was large, yet seemingly flimsy. I questioned how the construction could stay intact with all the wind that batters the cliff faces there. I'd not seen a lyrebird's nest before. Now, to see the maker at the nest... After a bit of rock climbing, investigating and running about the mottled, undulating rocks at the Lookout, we ventured into a damp fold of woodland thick with pouched coral ferns. I'd not seen so many coral ferns in Bundanoon. My son was excited. Apparently indigenous people used strands of these ferns to keep mosquitoes and flies away from their babies. LJ, 6 August 2012.


  1. Hi Lorne
    Over on Meryla Pass Road (near the start of Griffin's Fire Trail) I have seen a Lyrebrid's nest carefully positioned in a small rock overhang, high on a cliff.
    Perfectly positioned to be fox proof.

  2. Nice one, Denis. I've been down MPR a couple of times before - I found Rose Robin, Beautiful Firetail, Gang-gang Cockatoos and White-eared Honeyeater in various places there. And dumped stuff inc. an old PC. And a car whose driver gave me the finger! Apparently, it's a popular spot for teenagers to hang out at night. The nest my son and I found at GCL was also in - hopefully - a fox-proof area. I went back and took a photo of it yesterday: it was looking exactly the same as last weekend; I think it may be abandoned. I saw a fox near Mark Morton Lookout a fortnight or so back, close to the edge of a cliff, in broad daylight. I yelled at the thing and it took off, panic-stricken.

    Hope you like the uploaded photographs. There are more to come.

    We have to meet up some time soon!

    Take care,