Monday, December 24, 2012


Yesterday morning, before the thunderheads protruding from battleship-grey clouds like an artist's abstract take on The Olgas, heaven's horizontal electrics and hours of much needed rainfall, whilst the day was still and baking and mobs of Plague Soldier Beetles dragged their lightbulb abdomens through humid air, a pair of Mistletoebirds alighted in a neighbour's tree, about thirteen feet above the ground (low, considering this species is mainly observed flitting through the forest canopy). I hear them at home most days. The male, positioned a foot below the female, was shaking his body, moving about and rapidly fanning his wings. I'd not seen this before. I'm guessing it was a breeding display. When the female departed, the male left in hot pursuit. LJ, Xmas Eve 2012. PS - Merry Xmas to my followers/readers; thanks for supporting my blog.

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