Monday, February 25, 2013


According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, hunting begins in 77 NSW national parks on April 30th. Shame, Barry, shame. Tell me, Barry, what protection will you give me, my family and so many others when we're in Morton National Park, a spot that has now been given a 'C' rating, which means hunters will be unsupervised when out? When will I know that it's safe to go into Morton National Park? Will it ever be safe? Do hunters have 24/7 access seven days a week? Why should police have to be involved in breaking up disputes between hunters and protestors? Do you think it's right that children as young as twelve should be hunting with bows and arrows? Is any type of hunting dog allowed to be in a national park now? Is there a quota on what the hunters can take away with them? Who's going to be the voice for the native animals that get purposely targeted? Why do I know so little, Barry? From what I gather, the NPWS already have sharp shooters who kill ferals from helicopters. And they're good at what they do. Nathan Rees has said this government is being led around by the nose courtesy of the Shooters and Fishers lobby. Luke Foley has stated, 'opening up our national parks to amateur hunters is very bad policy'. I couldn't agree more with both of them. Will it take a human death, or two, to make the NSW Liberal government rethink what they've done? I bloody well hope not. Shame, Barry, Shame. LJ, February 25 2013.

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