Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm leading Winterfest's Birding for Beginners bash again this year (thanks, Simon Robinson). I'm very much looking forward to it. I'll show beginners how to identify particular species, differentiate specific bird calls, master binocular use, find species quickly in a field guide etc. A few good species should be about - Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Scarlet Robins, White-necked Herons, Superb Lyrebirds. Each beginner will be given a list of the birds I've seen in Bundanoon over about 3 years of searching. You'll need to bring your own morning tea/lunch. Be at Ferndale Reserve at 8:30am on Sunday June 30. Even if it's raining, there'll be birds about. The bash is free. Yahoo. I hope to see you there. Don't forget to bring your nocs. LJ, May 30 2013.

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