Sunday, July 7, 2013


Finally, a Brown Falcon for my Bundy list (no. 154). About bloody time. A single bird was cruising and weaving extremely high over home today (the erratic flight threw me somewhat). With the naked eye, the bird looked like a silver balloon. Its rufous/brown/white underside was distinct through the nocs. I've never seen a BF at that height before. I'm most surprised it's taken me close to 3 years to find a BF in my hometown, as I've seen them in several Southern Highlands locations before... Forty-five minutes after seeing the BF, 2 Peregrine Falcons shot over home, one letting out a clear 'kek kek kek kek'; most probably the same pair of birds I saw at the end of Greasons Rd yesterday. Ah, a day with falcons is a day in heaven. The Grey, Black, Brown and Peregrine are my very favourite Australian birds. LJ, July 2013.

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