Saturday, November 16, 2013


I didn't expect to see an Eastern Long-necked Tortoise and an Eastern Water Dragon sunbathing together on a slimy log jutting out of a creek not far from Shangri la Road today, when it was muggy, before rain decided to make a day of it. This is the same creek where I've spotted both Swamp Rat and Platypus. An Azure Kingfisher patrols the creek now and again. So, a healthy ecosystem. Today's Tortoise was munching on something unrecognisable, vaguely fishy. At my approach, both creatures plummeted to the water and vanished without a trace (the Dragon was particularly nervous, getting going before the Tortoise). That's the first time I've seen each creature in Bundanoon. If only I'd had my camera! LJ, November 16 2013.

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