Saturday, January 4, 2014


Yet again, Shangri la Rd comes up with the goods! This time, a pair of hunting Spotted Harriers, bringing my Bundanoon bird list to 162 species. The male was spectacular, particularly when it plunged into long grass in pursuit of something. Its presence had Common Starlings, Welcome Swallows and Tree Martins scattering. The female was circling low over closed forest canopy to the west, which is a little unusual for this species, as Spotted Harriers prefer to cruise low over more open country. I've only seen a Spotted Harrier once before in the Southern Highlands - late last October, between Penrose and Tallong, where rural land surrounds a massive dam. LJ, January 4 2014.


  1. Hi Lorne I came across your lovely blog when I googled harriers in the highlands. Im keen to spot and photograph them and I know where Shangri La road is. What time of day do you think I am likely to see them there and can you see them from the road or does one need farmer permission to get a little closer? Many thanks, Angela

  2. G'day, Angela. Thanks for your comments re my blog. I need to post more, put up more photographs. Harriers are bloody hard to see in Bundanoon. I've seen a Swamp Harrier on two occasions and a Spotted Harrier once. Both were down at Shangri-la Rd, over the dam there. It will be by chance that you see them. Shangri-la locals are wary of outsiders down there. I suggest you visit Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve and the big reservoirs of the Highlands (and surrounding areas) for Swamp Harrier. Spotted could turn up in any suitable habitat, but my guess is there aren't many of them in the Highlands. Make contact with Col Kolhagen in the Southern Highlands chapter of Birdlife - he might be able to point you in the right direction. If you're ever in Bundy and you want to go birding, send me an email. Peace and light to you, LJ.