Saturday, July 26, 2014


Late in the day yesterday, when heading home through Sutton Forest (about 10 mins from Bundanoon), I passed what was either a Black Falcon or dark morph Brown Falcon perched in a dead tree by Exeter Road. The light wasn't great - I did a u-turn, drove past it again, parked, got out and dashed back up the road to inspect it. Luckily my binoculars where on the backseat of my car. Uniformly dark brown feathers, a small head on massive shoulders, a slight pale cheek mark, grey about eye, long wings almost to the tip of tail meant Black Falcon. Whacko! I watched it watch me for 15 mins, then it took off over sheep paddocks in the direction of Werai. Black Falcons are my favourite Australian bird. Everything about them appeals to me, particularly their flight and classic silhouette featuring slightly bent wings. I've only seen this falcon 7 or 8 times before in my life (once before in the Southern Highlands - at Moss Vale). Let's hope this stunning raptor gets itself to Bundanoon. I need it for my list. LJ, 26 July 2014.

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