Friday, December 5, 2014


Some weeks ago, along Old Argyle Road's more rugged section, I had the good fortune of watching (for 15 mins) a male Satin Bowerbird at his bower, hoping to attract a mate. The bird was moving the odd decorative leaf from here to there, buzzing and whistling all the while. I'm not sure how much thinking was involved with this decorating; his rearrangements seemed arbitrary. Females visited the area, but did not come close to him or the bower (poor bugger). The best view of an SB at his love-nest I've ever had. LJ, December 5 2014.


  1. Interesting, never seen a Satin Bowerbird - how close were you able to the bird without disturbing him? Any pics?

  2. G'day Trevor. Satin Bowerbirds are easy to find if you're in the right habitat e.g. dense and open sclerophyll forest. They often visit gardens near forest. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately. I tend to carry my binoculars with me, not a camera. I was about six or seven feet away from him. LJ