Thursday, February 11, 2016


A belated happy new year to one an all. It's been a while between drinks! I've not been in the field that often of late so not a lot to report. The schizophrenic Bundanoon weather has been a drag. So much rain and wind and mist and coolth. I do wish we'd had a constantly hot and still summer. I was on Efete in Vanuatu for 8 days in January. A glorious place (though a place of struggle and hardship and confusion and restlessness). I miss it. A swift fan, I adored watching and identifying swifts and swiftlets most afternoons I was there. Glossy Swiftlets, flying very low over a clearing on the edge of a forested range near Mele Cascades, particularly impressed me (though Uniform Swiftlets are cool!). I wish we had these birds in Australia. Anyhow, I'll try to post more regularly on WB this year. LJ, February 11 2016.

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