Sunday, July 29, 2012


A real wildlife doco moment this morning - a white morph Grey Goshawk circling slowly upwards in the valley below Riverview Lookout. A huge snowflake against a green ocean. I pointed it out to a local, who turned up. He was mildly interested. Such a stunning bird and only the second time I've seen this morph in Bundy. And I've never looked down on a Grey Goshawk before. The GG features in a poem I wrote months back and currently have in consideration for a poetry prize. Prior to this, I found species 139, an Eastern Shrike-tit, feeding and chattering in Grey Gum Lane's mid-storey. I din't think shrike-tits are that common in the Highlands. I've only seen them on the East Rim of Fitzroy Falls. LJ, July 29 2012.

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  1. Hi Lorne
    Nice to see a Grey Goshawk at any time.
    Lovely birds.
    I agree about Shrike-tit being very uncommon in the Southern Highlands.