Monday, July 2, 2012


Simon Robinson, Bunday local and ornithologist, asked me to lead a 'birding for beginners' outing yesterday, from 8:30am, which was good of him. Over twenty people turned up. We walked around Ferndale Reserve and environs, then drove on to Morton NP, investigating Gambells Rest and Erith Coal Mine's creek area. Soft rain, real rain, sun, wind, breeze, coolth, cold and warmth accompanied us - typical messed up winter weather. The birds were more active when the sun laughed and joked around. Nothing particularly noteworthy turned up species-wise. Locating a Yellow-throated Scrubwren's nest down at ECM was cool - the birders seemed fascinated. It was tremendous meeting people various and offering opinions on bird guides, where to go birding, the differences between ravens etc. A couple of kids were there. One of the kids was determined to see an Eastern Yellow Robin. She was stoked when Morton handed her a couple. Ah, seeing children seeing particular birds for the first time - thrilling. The first Eastern Yellow Robin I saw was dead, stuck to the front of a coach, bound for Mt Seaview in northern NSW! I was on a school trip. It was 1986. I was in Year 9. I'm glad this girl saw her robin whizzing about and perching on the sides of trees. LJ, July 2 2012.


  1. Hi Lorne
    Sorry I missed the trip - the cold affected me severely, and I retreated back to bed.
    I later on found two pairs of Mountain Ducks (Aust. Shelducks) on farm dams near Werai. I "nice" sighting for the district.

  2. I'm sorry the cold got to you, Denis, it would've been good to meet up, finally. Hoping you're okay. Well done on the Australian Shelducks, they are beautiful things. There's a dam off Berrima Rd at Moss Vale that attracts them from time to time... I had 21 on 27.11.09, 17 on 30.1.10 and 15 on 13.4.11. Speak soon, Lorne.