Sunday, October 21, 2012


Superb birding from 7:30-9:30am today, in still, warm conditions, from the swamp at Ferndale to the fields bordering Ellsmore Rd, and then to Morton NP and the bottom of Erith Coal Mine, produced sixty species, including my first Variegated Fairy-wren for the Southern Highlands, which I stumbled upon on the track to Erith Coal Mine. The individual was a striking male. I'm surprised it's taken me so long to find one in the Highlands. The other birds worth mentioning were Dollarbird (which came back a couple of days ago), Shining Bronze-cuckoo (a pair whistled in near Ferndale Reserve; they were then mobbed by Brown Thornbills and Grey Fantails), Leaden Flycatcher, Pilotbird (heard, not seen, as per usual; when will I ever see one?), Rockwarbler (up close at the top of the falls at Erith Coal Mine; uttered harsh scrubwren-like scolding call when I imitated it), Rufous Whistlers, Common Koel, Olive-backed Oriole, Eastern Whipbird, Buff-rumped Thornbill, White-throated Gerygone, Noisy Friarbird and a White-browed Scrubwren I buzzed/clicked to that came within two feet of my right foot! LJ, October 21 2012.

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