Monday, October 6, 2014


Rufous Whistler, Sacred Kingfisher, White-throated Gerygone and Shining Bronze-cuckoo all back over last 10 days. Channel-billed Cuckoos are late compared with last year. No signs of Common Koel, Black-faced Monarch or Dollarbird. LJ, October 6 2014.


  1. Hi Lorne. Just heard my first Koel of the season this evening. It only called out for a couple of minutes - maybe it's buggered from the long flight. Not sure I've seen a Koel yet, though caught a couple of snaps of a bird last January that I thought at the time might at least be related. Will pop it on twitter for you to ID, if you don't mind?

    Am enjoying perusing your blog here, Lorne.

  2. Hi Brad. Excuse my belated reply. It's been a while since I've checked my comments here. By all means put the koel shots on twitter. Thanks for checking out my blog. Best wishes, LJ.