Monday, October 13, 2014


4pm last Friday - in glorious, glorious weather - I came across two Red-bellied Black Snakes lying on top of one other behind Bundanoon's sewage treatment plant. Got within 15 feet of them. Perhaps they were mating. One sensed my presence, flicked its tongue, raised its sleek head, then nonchalantly slithered away; the other stayed motionless, so I prodded it gently with a dead branch to see if it was alive. It came to and headed off in an equally unconcerned manner. Here was a serpent encounter which again proved wild snakes don't want to chase you, attack you, bite you. I always figure our snakes are a lot more bloody fearful of us than we are of them. Photo of the snakes' habitat to come... LJ, October 13 2014.

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